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Letters from Our Family (Oct. 2018)

Dear Black and Pink, Hi fam 🙂 my name is Jenna I’m a 22 year old male to female transgender, currently finishing up my last 16 months on a 4 piece here in TCDJ. I’m sitting in solitary today as I write this letter waiting to be shipped to my new unit. I am being …

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Message from Dominique (September 2018)

The Day I Almost Quit Black & Pink I found out about Black & Pink January of 2016. We had traveled from Omaha, Nebraska to Chicago for Creating Change that year. There was a blizzard and after crowdfunding to be able to attend— there was nothing in the world that was going to keep me …

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Letters From Our Family (July 2018)

To My Beloved Black & Pink Family: Peace & Blessings to all you beautiful souls. My name is Bobbie V. soon to be Arya Serenity. I am presently being held in the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution (A.C.I) in Cranston. I am a 5’3”; 145 translatin@ and happy to bring forth some good news from …

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Message from Dominique (July 2018)

Hello Family, I’m sitting in my car listening to Fantasia’s version of the song “You Are Always On My Mind”. It’s very appropriate for there my mind has been the last six months.This ride of being at the head of this organization is something I couldn’t have planned for—but it’s been amazing. As we think …

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Letters from Our Family (May 2018)

I would like to bring to everyone’s attention, the life endangerment, abuse and torture, I as a senior prisoner, am receiving and enduring at this extremely corrupt and illegal family operated Alaska, Spring Creek Correction Facility. I have been sexually assaulted/abused, by inappropriate touching of my genitals, and an unauthorized, illegal cavity search of my …

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Message from Dominique (May 2018)

Hello Family, I’m writing this as I look over the Boston skyline. I’m in Boston for the week working on the National Office transition from Boston to Omaha, Nebraska. This week has been a whirlwind and it has made me think about the relationships I cultivate and how they build me up and how some …

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Message from Black & Pink Leadership Circle

Dear volunteers, members, and allies of Black & Pink, We are writing to you as the Board of Directors of Black & Pink. We function as the Interim Leadership Circle (LC) to engage in collective decision-making for Black & Pink at the national level, as laid out in the documents created by the Transition Team …

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Letters from Our Family (November 2017)

To my Black and Pink family, My name is william, but I prefer to go by Lisa Autumn. I am a 35 year old white transgender, born a male but am truly female. I was first diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” in february 2016, and have been trying to get on the hormones since. I first …

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Message from Tray (November 2017)

Hello Family, I know many of you did not receive the latest issue of Black & Pink. We have had thousands returned due to an error during the transition that didn’t account for the change in our bank information so shipping was not paid for thousands of papers. They are gonna go back out. Since …

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Letters to our Family (September 2017)

Dear Black & Pink, I just got a hold of your December 2016 issue and I loved it. I was unaware that there was something like this newsletter for us in prison. I’ve been to three different prisons in ten years and I just got this. To have a place where we can reach out …

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