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  2. Eastern Kentucky Corr. Complex Denies Newsletter that "Promotes Homosexuality" — 2 comments
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Black & Pink featured in RECAPS magazine

Black & Pink Art has begun a relationship with RECAPS Magazine (reclaim culture art politics sexuality) to showcase the work of our talented family members, and to recruit pen-pals from their readership! Click here to read the first article!          

Valentine's Day Card Making Multi-City Events Feedback

It has been a bit more than a month and all the feedback has come in from the Valentine’s Day Card Making events!  Firstly, we are incredibly thankful to everyone who put on an event.  There were events in Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona, California, and Indiana!  That is an …

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Multi-City Valentine's Day Card-Making Party for Prisoners

This Valentine’s Day we are gonna spread the tradition of sending love to people inside. Prisoner support and advocacy organizations have had similar events in the past and in 2012 we want to open up the opportunity for people around the country to send love to folks locked up. We want them to feel the …

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Akala raps about prisons & race

Enjoy this incredible video—

Non-Support for Massachusetts' Transgender Equal Rights Bill

To all of our LGBTQ and ally communities, It is with sadness that we, Black and Pink, are expressing our non-support for the Transgender Equal Rights Bill. We are making this statement public because we believe deeply and strongly in the need for protections for all members of our communities, especially transgender and gender non-conforming …

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Support Pelican Bay Prisoner's Hunger Strike

According to the LA Times the Hunger Strike has expanded to at least 11 more prisons! The resistance is continuing to grow! You can follow the Hunger Strike on the Solidarity website HERE The Hunger Strike is indefinite, until their demands are met. These prisoners are willing to give their lives in the struggle for …

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Eastern Kentucky Corr. Complex Denies Newsletter that "Promotes Homosexuality"

The above image is a “Notice of Unauthorized Mail” that Black and Pink received from the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex. It states that our newsletter was denied, considered contraband, because it is a “Book/Magazine [that] promotes Homosexuality” This is absolutely outrageous! Please take a moment to express your outrage about this by calling the institution …

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Elton John – Don't play in Israel!

It is vital to understand that the Israeli colonization of Palestine is part of the larger prison industrial complex. Palestine is often referred to as the largest open air prison, check out this video and tell Elton not to play in Israel. (note – allow the video to fully load before you play, it’s a …

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Michael Jackson – They Don't Really Care About Us

As everyone is dancing thriller I thought I would repost this as it was removed before. Enjoy

Jean Genet's Un Chant d'Amour

I watched this short film some time ago. Jean Genet was a dedicated prison abolitionist, white anti-racist in solidarity with Black revolutionary movements in the U.S. and globally, and a queer liberationist. This film depicts homoerotic love between two prisoners. I would absolutely not describe this film as prison porn but rather a depiction of …

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