Boston August Updates

The Boston chapter has conducted its first ever round of tri-annual Court Support and Prison Visit trainings! Throughout August, 26 people came together to build knowledge and share practices around how to effectively support someone in court and how to conduct a prison visit with Black and Pink members in the Boston/Massachusetts area; this led to the formation of new teams dedicated to doing this work locally. We are looking forward to holding our next set of trainings in a few months!

On Saturday August 22nd, we met with the Public Science Project and around 20 volunteers, friends, and allies of Black and Pink Boston for a day-long session of participatory data analysis and reflection on our National LGBTQ Prisoner Survey. We developed a number of questions about the data, and discussed some of our reactions and priorities for next steps.

On Saturday, August 29th, we will be conducting a political education day at E5 (9A Hamilton Pl.) from 10am-5pm! We will go through a series of workshops designed to introduce you to these ideas or create space for deepening your thinking around them. The topics we will cover include:

Prison Industrial Complex 101
Trans and Queer Prisoner Realities
LGBTQ Youth and the School to Prison Pipeline
Abolition vs. Reform
Our Identities and the PIC

After each workshop, we would also love to create a space for feedback and discussion about how it went, what you might change, and what else you want to see as part of queer and trans abolitionist political education- this work is always growing and needs you to be a part of it! We also want to build up other people to facilitate these workshops all over the place. At the end of the day, we’ll discuss a plan for putting together a train-the-trainers so you can facilitate whichever workshops you’re most interested in.

Please RSVP to johannes@blackandpink.org so we know how much food to get! 🙂


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