Boise Chapter: July Updates

June was an exciting month for Black and Pink: Boise. We had a successful sign making party the day before Boise pride and ended up with some pretty rad signs (a few of which were inspired by the Chicago chapter’s signs!). And while we couldn’t pay for a booth at pridefest, our signs drew enough attention from passersby that we got to speak with a lot of folks about our work. For several hours, we passed out our newly updated flyers, talked to folks about the pen-pal program, and generally raised awareness about why mass incarceration is an important issue for queer and trans communities. As we’re settling into a regular bimonthly meeting schedule for letter writing (first and third Saturdays at Alia’s Coffehouse in downtown Boise), we’ll hopefully see a few new faces this weekend.

On July 11th, we’ll be having our first Black and Pink: Boise free-world dinner.

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