Boise June Update

We continue to meet on a regular basis for pen-pal writing, discussion, and community building around resistance to the violence of the prison industrial complex.

We were invited by a professor at Boise State University to speak with her classes about Black and Pink and the impact of mass incarceration on queer and trans people and communities. We gave presentations to two classes, led productive discussions, passed out information, and even got a few folks signed up for our mailing list.

We now have a Facebook page and a Google Group to better facilitate outreach and base-building in the Boise area.

This month we will be starting a prison abolition reading group. Our first readings will be from Against Equality’s anthology, Prisons Will Not Protect You. More information is available on our Facebook page and our Google group.

We’re brainstorming new ways to connect directly to queer and trans people in prisons throughout Idaho–both current Black and Pink members and folks who may not yet have heard of us.

Finally, we will be passing out information, talking with folks about Black and Pink, and hopefully finding new freeworld pen pals at Boise Pridefest on Saturday June 21st. We’re still discussing exactly what form our presence will take, but we will definitely be around and visible. So keep an eye out for us!

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