Boston Chapter Updates

We received 3 grants this May from the Astraea foundation, Funding Queerly, and the Boston Equality Fund grant, totaling to $30,000 in May alone! This funding will be used to support both local and national organizing efforts. We are very grateful to these foundations for their support.

Data entry for the National LGBTQ Prisoner Survey has been completed! Thanks so much to all of our hardworking volunteers across the country who helped make this happen. Data analysis has begun in partnership with the Public Science Project, who have previously worked with Queers for Economic Justice, and we hope to release the report in October to coincide with Decade of Black and Pink.

In May, Jason traveled to Washington, DC to present preliminary to members of the LGBTQ Criminal Justice Task Force, which includes members of the National Center for Transgender Equality, National Center for Lesbian Rights, The National LGBT Task Force, the Center for American Progress, Streetwise and Safe, and others. This June, Jason along with Jackie Wang will be presenting an expanded dataset with a focus on solitary confinement at the Allied Media Conference.

At Pride this year, we will be displaying the pictures and profiles of incarcerated Massachusetts’ members in solitary confinement on large posters at the Pride festival to raise awareness about members of the queer and trans community whose faces we don’t see at Pride due to the violence of the PIC, and to encourage attendees to become their penpals or donate to sustain our work.

Weekly volunteer drop in has been amazing, and we are so thankful to our volunteers for putting in countless hours to move our work forward. You are essential to this movement!

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