Court Support

Black and Pink Boston-areaNeed-Court-Support staff/volunteers provide the following to LGBTQ and HIV+ individuals who are court involved:
(You can request court support for yourself, your client, or your loved one by emailing courtsupportboston@blackandpink.org or calling/texting 617.519.4387)

– court accompaniment to all hearings
– support letters
– community service opportunities
– additional social services (connection with LGBTQ specific resources, financial support, connection with programs such as Span, support with sobriety or harm reduction regarding substance use, etc.)
– bail support through collaboration with the Boston Bail Fund
– connection with other court involved LGBTQ people
– jail visits
– travel assistance to hearings, meetings, appointments, etc.
– support navigating relationship with lawyers (ensuring lawyers use appropriate pronoun and respect issues around sexuality and gender)

– Black and Pink organizing/services are primarily available to people who live within 15 miles of Boston. If individuals residing in Suffolk or Middlesex counties have cases outside the county, we can accompany them to their court dates.
– Black and Pink does not have strict confidentiality requirements. We are an organizing effort rather than a social service organization. Our efforts are focused on building the power of LGBTQ people who experience criminalization. We do, however, respect that there are important confidentiality requirements between clients and their lawyers.
– Black and Pink has capacity limitations. Each request for support will be assessed based on current capacity.

The function of Black and Pink’s efforts with court-involved LGBTQ people is to strengthen the capacity of people to become change agents in their own lives and within social justice movements.


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