December Updates from Boston

– Weekly Volunteer Drop-In: every Sunday from 1pm-4pm at Make Shift Boston (549 Columbus Ave)

– Black and Pink Boston Members on LGBTQ Healthcare and Prison:

– Listen to Chauntae Hall, Douglas Rogers, and Mike talk about their experiences in county, state, and federal prisons/jails. This panel was part of a symposium on Mass Incarceration and Health at Harvard Medical School on November 14, 2014. Hear the panelists tell stories about access to healthcare, harm caused by medical professionals, moments of care by some doctors, how prisoners support one another. Listen to the struggles of not being able to obtain hormones as a transgender woman. Hear about the challenges and successes of getting HIV medication. Thank you to Kaitlin Nichols for facilitating the panel.

– Dialogue between CeCe McDonald and Jason Lydon at the Deliberate Resistance Conference:

– The Black and Pink Boston holiday card writing party was on Tuesday, December 9th at Make Shift Boston. Together, we wrote over 140 cards to Black and Pink incarcerated family members in New England! There have been a number of other holiday card parties in the Boston area, including in Jamaica Plain, Lynn, and Cambridge.

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