Black and Pink Boston in Solidarity with Michael Brown and the People of Ferguson

It is with love and anger that we write this statement of solidarity with the family of Michael Brown and those resisting police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. We send our deepest condolences to the family of Michael Brown as they grieve. It is an outrage that police officers are able to continuously kill Black people with impunity. Yet the reality of police violence against Black people, and other communities of color in the United States, is part of the roots of this settler colonial nation. The murder of Michael Brown by a white police officer is both an individual tragedy because of the devastating loss of this Black teenager and it is another example of the harm caused by the white supremacist, heteropatriarchal, capitalist carceral system operating in the US. We express our full support to those resisting police violence in Ferguson by any means they choose.

Protests and resistance in Ferguson has also brought national attention to the overwhelming militarization of police. Images are circulating of police in fatigues, military style vehicles, and teargas being shot into peoples’ yards. This increased militarization of the police is becoming the norm across the country. While police forces increase their firepower, Black people with guns, such as Marissa Alexander, are seen as an ultimate threat to white power structures. While we fight towards the abolition of the police we must join in campaigns to disarm the police and take away these tools of repression.

As national attention turns to Ferguson, as the FBI is sent in to conduct their own investigation, as President Obama issues statements from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, we remember that the murder of Michael Brown is not an isolated incident. We remember that “innocence” is not how we judge the value of Black life. We remember that the state and criminal punishment system will never bring justice. We remember that we are part of a movement against racist violence that has a history in slave rebellions, civil disobedience, urban insurrections, and countless other tactics. We recognize the importance of following Black leadership in this struggle, including powerful Black LGBTQ people, particularly Black transgender women. We continue the fight remembering all those whose lives have been stolen by police violence.

We remember:
Michael Brown
Rekia Boyd
Sean Bell
Duanna Johnson
Bobby Hutton
Zayd Malik Shakur
and so many, many others.

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