November Updates from Boston Chapter

Weekly Volunteer Drop In every Sunday from 1pm-4pm at Make Shift Boston (549 Columbus Ave)

November Family Dinner Thursday November 20th from 7pm-9pm at the City School (614 Columbia Rd.)

Black and Pink continues to participate in the Boston Coalition for Police Accountability. We spoke at a kickoff rally for the coalition where we announced our intention to support work around community power building against racist policing, specifically through know your rights trainings, court support, and cop watch.

Black and Pink resources are featured in the new website for the Get Yr Rights website, which is a network convened by BreakOUT and Streetwise and Safe that aims to connect and share resources among LGBTQ youth across the country who are doing know-your-rights work around the prison industrial complex. We contributed a school to prison pipeline workshop, as well as a Know Your Rights training for LGBTQ youth of color that we did in collaboration with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders at the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition’s third annual youth empowerment conference this past October.

Jason officiated the memorial service for Bernard Baran, a gay man who was falsely accused of child sexual abuse and incarcerated for 25 years. He died this year after being free from incarceration for 8 years.

We conducted an LGBTQ 101 training for a re-entry organization in Boston called SPAN.

This month we began providing court support and ongoing support for one new person. Another of our members for whom we have been providing ongoing court support and advocacy has had her GPS bracelet removed and is no longer on curfew! Congratulations!

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