October Updates from Boston Chapter

GET READY!!! A Decade of Black & Pink! One year from now! We will be raising funds to bring formerly incarcerated LGBTQ folks, 2 people from each chapter, and covering other costs. This next year will include lots of lead up information and fundraising. Get in touch if you want to be involved in any way. We will have a Friday night celebration and then a weekend of strategizing, caucusing, loving each other, grieving, writing to our loved ones inside, workshops, learning, and strengthening the movement towards abolition. This gathering will take place on October 16th, 2015, in Boston, MA, location TBA.

Next month, on November 14th, Jason will be participating in the Deliberate Resistance: LGBT Rights 20 Years After Farmer vs. Brennan. He will be part of the lunch keynote, participating in a dialogue with CeCe McDonald! The event is free and open to the public, and you can register here.

Black and Pink Boston continues to participate in the new Boston Coalition for Police Accountability in collaboration with Youth Against Mass Incarceration and the ACLU of Massachusetts. We will be helping organize cop watch, court support, and know-your-rights trainings, while also pushing for institutional change such as mandatory body cameras for Massachusetts police and increased measures for community oversight on police actions.

Responses to our national Black and Pink incarcerated membership survey are starting to roll in! We have gotten over 300 surveys in two weeks! Boston volunteers should be on the lookout for opportunities to help with data entry for the surveys. We want to thank the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in New York City for sharing our survey with their incarcerated membership. Documenting the realities of LGBTQ and HIV+ prisoners is part of telling our truth, practicing resistance, and building community between prisoners and the “free world.”  Looking forward to sharing the findings with you all in the near future!

Our workshop at the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition’s Youth Empowerment Conference this month was a great success! We partnered with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders to offer a know-your-rights workshop for LGBTQ youth of color dealing with police interactions. We are looking forward to working with GLAD in the future to offer this workshop in a wider variety of community settings and continuing to tie it in to the work of the national Get Yr Rights network!

Weekly volunteer drop in (formerly known as mail processing): Every Sunday from 1pm-4pm at Make Shift Boston (549 Columbus Ave).
Family Dinner: TBA

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