September Updates from Boston Chapter

Mail Processing: every Sunday from 1pm-4pm at Make Shift Boston.

Family Dinner: Thursday, September 18th from 7pm-9pm

Black and Pink Boston will be co-presenting a workshop with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders at the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition’s Youth Empowerment Conference on Saturday, October 4th. The workshop will be a know-your-rights training on police interactions, with particular attention to the realities faced by LGBTQ youth of color. This is part of our ongoing work with the Get Yr Rights Coalition coordinated by BreakOUT and Streetwise & Safe, which aims to coordinate and share resources for know-your-rights trainings for LGBTQ youth nationwide.

Throughout August, we participated in numerous solidarity actions and rallies with the ongoing struggles in Gaza and Ferguson.The Ferguson solidarity march included a march to the home of the mayor of Boston, one of the county jails, and two of the police stations; local demands modeled after the demands issued by BlackLifeMatters were read aloud at each stop on the march.

In August, we posted bail for 2 people!

We conducted our school-to-prison-pipeline workshop for the New Leaders Institute of the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition, a program designed to develop leadership skills, organizing skills, and social justice education for LGBTQ youth of color.

We are collaborating with the ACLU of Massachusetts and Youth Against Mass Incarceration on a campaign to raise awareness about and raise challenges to Stop-and-Frisk and other racist, violent, and unjust police actions in Boston. The 2nd meeting of this community coalition will be on Saturday, September 27th.

For the third year in a row, we had three groups of Boston University students volunteer with us for a day as part of their first-year orientation program. We spent the morning with them discussing the prison industrial complex, how it impacts people of color, poor folks, and LGBTQ folks, prison abolition, and transformative justice. The 2nd half of the day was spent processing mail from our incarcerated members. Almost 1,000 pieces of mail were processed across three days!

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