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Prison Censorship in America: The Ashley Jean Arnold Case

Submitted by Christopher Zoukis When Americans think of prison censorship, images of prison guards throwing away letters come to mind. So, too do images of books and publications like Prison legal News being rejected for being a “threat to the good order, orderly operation, and security of the institution,” which covers about any number of …

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Black and Pink at FREE HER Rally in Washington D.C.

My name is KC Mackey, and I’m a volunteer for Black and Pink, an open family of queer and trans prisoners and free world allies who support each other. Our work towards abolishing prisons is rooted in the experiences of currently and formerly incarcerated people. I am here to read to deliver messages from 3 …

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Advocacy Campaingn for Trans-Women (ACT!)

Advocacy Campaign for Trans-women (ACT!) Started by Jennifer Gann, Black & Pink California Prison Chapter Leader Black & Pink has led an advocacy campaign on my behalf over the past year concerning the discrimination, sexual harassment, and legitimate safety concerns I have experienced as a transgender woman in a men’s prison. We made complaints to …

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