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Support SF Bay Area’s Inside/Outside Study Group

We recently launched an Indiegogo to raise funds for our upcoming Inside/Outside Prison Abolition Study Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out, support it if you can, and read below if you want more info about the project. What We’re Doing We’re planning the third round of our “Queer/Trans Prison Abolition Study Group” for this coming Fall 2015. …

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California Bill Addresses Transgender "Inmates"

I am excited that people are talking about the impacts of gender identity and sexual orientation in prison.  I must say I am ALWAYS concerned about prison "officials" having power about deciding housing based on one’s gender identity or sexual orientation.  I become concerned because I fear that the prison/jail can use these "housing decisions" …

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Chicopee Women's Jail to Open in Massachusetts

Tragically the campaign to stop the development of the Chicopee Women’s Jail in Chicopee, Massachusetts was unsuccessful.  Many, many people have worked over many years to stop this jail from opening.  September 13th is the scheduled day of the dedication, read the story here.    This jail will house primarily low income, poor, not violent, …

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What's up???

hey all… so this is going to be a really great website about queerness, not messed up anarchism, prison abolition, and specifically supporting queer folks in prison. look forward to a pen-pal list, a great links page for good articles, and loads of information about things going on that are really neat-o.