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A gay prisoner perspective on “same-sex marriage”

I was inspired to write this blog as a follow up … if you will… from B&P’s April issue where Kiba, WA speaks about his true love to “Kionu” and “asked for his hand in mariage.” Now I must be inclined to reveal that I have been fervently and adamantly advocating for same-sex marriages of …

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“Support Groups Matter” from Warren Lee

Isn’t it funny and ironic that the BOP accumulates all sorts of funding from various contracts it receives for SOTP, dialysis, diabetis, transplants, mental health, etc., but it won’t give or provide support groups for these much needed programs. It is a known fact (here at FMC Devens) that the mantra that’s preached is “the …

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Black and Pink at FREE HER Rally in Washington D.C.

Free Her Rally

My name is KC Mackey, and I’m a volunteer for Black and Pink, an open family of queer and trans prisoners and free world allies who support each other. Our work towards abolishing prisons is rooted in the experiences of currently and formerly incarcerated people. I am here to read to deliver messages from 3 …

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