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Check out Black & Pink at Creating Change!

Creating Change screenshot

Bright and early at 9am this Saturday morning 1/23, come participate in a workshop at the Creating Change conference in Chicago.  The workshop is led by formerly incarcerated lgbtq folks and is about Black & Pink’s survey: Coming Out of Concrete Closets!

Message from Jason (January 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you as well as possible. I know the holidays and the new year can be a  particularly difficult time on the inside. I do hope that you received a holiday card from one of our volunteers. I hope you know that none of you are forgotten and we …

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Letters to Our Family (January 2016)

My precious family – I need you all to know that you have made such a huge impact on my mental stability, my outlook on life, my plans for my future and my happiness. I am doing life in CA. prison and have no biological family to speak of that supports me in any way, …

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Check out the Decade of Black and Pink Video!

Watch this amazing video capturing Black & Pink’s 10 year anniversary! Follow this link: Decade of Black and Pink   Transcript: [MUSIC PLAYING] LESLIE:  I got involved with Black & Pink because I was incarcerated for a year.  Well, they put me in a lock-up for a whole–the whole time I was there, because I was …

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Letters to our Family (Oct./Nov. 2015)

Hello my brothers & sisters of the LGBTQ & Black & Pink Community, My name is Dede. I’m 21 years old & I am a beautiful black queen in a Pennsylvania prison. I’m so excited because this is my 1st letter to my family & I’m so proud & honored to be part of this …

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Message from Jason (December 2015)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you doing as well as possible. I am writing this letter from our very messy national office. We are still getting everything put back together again after A Decade of Black and Pink. As you will read in other places in the newspaper, it was an INCREDIBLE event. …

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On Friday October 16th, Black & Pink hosted a big celebration at Hibernian Hall in Boston. Formerly incarcerated Black & Pink members from around the country joined free-world Black & Pink chapter members and other free-world supporters. We wish that you were all able to be there with us, and have recommitted to working toward …

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Message from Jason (August 2015)

Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you as well as possible. I want to take some time with this letter to give you a bit of an organizational update about Black and Pink. I know that some folks have been feeling a bit frustrated that we are behind in responses and with the newspaper. …

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Solitary as a Tool of Homo/Transphobia & Transmisogyny

Solitary Illinois

** This post is the first in a series of blog posts on solitary confinement in Illinois. For information about this blog series read this introduction. The US government claims to hold 80,000 people in solitary confinement. The true number of people in solitary is likely significantly greater given that many states hold prisoners in conditions …

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Introduction to Black & Pink Solitary in Illinois blog series

In July 2014, the Black and Pink Chicago chapter sent a letter to our 100+ Illinois members housed in solitary confinement requesting testimony about their experiences in isolation. We planned to share their testimony at an event with our “free world” penpals to develop our collective understanding about the conditions in, and impact of, solitary …

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