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Letters to Our Family (May 2016)

Dear Family, I write to you with humbleness in my heart, and quilt on my conscience. I have fallen, hard. Once again I am in a hospital because I tried to kill myself. This is my 5th suicide attempt since my incarceration in April 2000. I get overwhelmed by my emotions and I don’t know …

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Message from Jason (May 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. Like last month I am sitting here with my dog, trying to make sure we stay on top of things at the office. One of the best things about the office right now is that we recently hired a part time National Office …

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The Spirit Inside: Black and Pink Members on Religion and Sexuality Behind Bars

Read and share this zine on religion and sexuality created by Black and Pink members locked up in prisons across the US! Many thanks to Eli and and Jerry for editing this zine (a beautiful inside/outside prison collaboration) You can read the zine online below or download the zine HERE.

Message from Jason (April 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. Last month I was sitting in the same office chair I am sitting in now, but this time it’s a gorgeous day. Also, my partner and I just recently got a dog, he is a little chihuahua dachshund mix, and he’s sitting on …

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Letters to Our Family (March 2016)

Dear Black & Pink, Well once again it’s me Ms. Jazzie Ferrari, writing once again to drop a few lines of wisdom to my people. As we already know the struggle is too real to be fighting with each other, now is the time to come together, I count braver she who controls her desires …

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Black and Pink Announces National Structure Transition Team

Protagonist Ashley Diamond a transgender woman who has faced tremendous odds and been victorious in the face of many adversities continues to use her music and powerful voice to bring awareness to the transgender movement. While in-prisoned in the department of corrections in Georgia Ashley began litigation that change the lives of transgender inmates all across the country all across the country.

At Black and Pink’s 10 year anniversary organizing weekend we decided it was important to create a team of people who would help revamp Black and Pink’s national structure. For the last ten years decisions have been made for the organization by a group of people based in Boston informed by relationships with prisoner members …

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Message from Jason (February 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. As I write this letter from the Black and Pink office in Boston, I’m watching the rain fall, creating streams of water flowing down the street. There are a few trees outside the office window, bare branches reaching up into the sky like …

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Letters to Our Family (February 2016)

Dear family, Greetings brothers and sisters. This letter is to encourage our brothers and sisters who are hiding who they are. Yes there will be difficult times, but there will also be joy and freedom. I hid who I was for ten years. My best friend asked me “”What’s the worst that could happen?”” I’ll …

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Check out Black & Pink at Creating Change!

Creating Change screenshot

Bright and early at 9am this Saturday morning 1/23, come participate in a workshop at the Creating Change conference in Chicago.  The workshop is led by formerly incarcerated lgbtq folks and is about Black & Pink’s survey: Coming Out of Concrete Closets!

Message from Jason (January 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you as well as possible. I know the holidays and the new year can be a  particularly difficult time on the inside. I do hope that you received a holiday card from one of our volunteers. I hope you know that none of you are forgotten and we …

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