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Job Posting: National Director (starting August 2017)

  How to apply: Send cover letter and resume to Application Deadline: May 15, 2017 Projected start date: August 1, 2017 Organizational Summary Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in …

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Letters To Our Family (December 2016)

Hi to All My B&P Family, I am a positive person. And I do all I can each day to pass that on to others around me. And even though I have spent almost 22 years in prison I can still say that I learn and grow constantly. Even in the times when I am …

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Message from Jason (December 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you all as well as possible. As I write you this note Donald Trump is preparing to become president of our country. Over the last few weeks we have watched as he nominated white supremacists, bigots, banking executives, and Islamophobic lovers of war to different cabinet positions. You …

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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT! National Organizer for Black and Pink!


(download announcement and job description HERE) Application Deadline: January 6, 2017 Start Date: March 15, 2017 To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Summary Although Black and Pink provides many direct services to LGBTQ and/or HIV+ prisoners and court-involved people, the goal of our work is to strengthen the movement towards abolition …

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We recommit to fighting for liberation!

Given that some adults with voting privileges in the U.S. elected a man who deeply threatens our family members, we recommit to fighting toward our goals and values laid out in our analysis: Our goal is liberation. We have a radical view of the fight for justice: We are feminist. We are anti-racist. We want …

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Letters to Our Family (October 2016)

Dear Black and Pink family, Hello to all my sisters inside & outside those walls. My name is Michael AKA Mike Mike. I am a long time reader and will start writing more. You know I was not too big on Relationships while in Custody of NCDOC. They never really worked for some reason or …

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Message from Jason (October 2016)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. By the time you get this October will likely be almost over. Did you know that this autumn month is considered LGBTQ History Month? Did you know that October 11th is considered National Coming Out Day? I wanted to take a moment to …

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Intimate Partner Abuse & LGBTQ Prisoners


intimate-partner-abuse-excerpt Given that October is observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight stories from LGBTQ prisoners, people ignored by the movement to end domestic violence. Many leaders in social service organizations working with survivors of domestic violence push for tougher laws that will incarcerate abusive partners for longer periods of time. Abolitionists …

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October Update from Chicago

Greetings family! We’re writing as the season begins to change.  Leaves haven’t quite changed colors, but the sticky heat and humidity are on their way out, and cool fall breezes are on their way in.  While there’s much that’s beautiful about this time of year, it’s also a scary political climate as the presidential elections …

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Letters to Our Family (September 2016)

To my Black and Pink family, How is everybody doing? Both behind the walls and in the free world. Well, my name is Edward a.k.a. Sincere. I have been receiving this newsletter for some time now, but, this is my first time writing. So, real quick, I’m a Black and Indian bi-sexual man locked up …

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