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Reach out if you ever have questions!

Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. We are so grateful to all of our dedicated volunteers. Please reach out to if you ever have questions!

Letters from Our Family (November 2017)

To my Black and Pink family, My name is william, but I prefer to go by Lisa Autumn. I am a 35 year old white transgender, born a male but am truly female. I was first diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” in february 2016, and have been trying to get on the hormones since. I first …

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Message from Tray (November 2017)

Hello Family, I know many of you did not receive the latest issue of Black & Pink. We have had thousands returned due to an error during the transition that didn’t account for the change in our bank information so shipping was not paid for thousands of papers. They are gonna go back out. Since …

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Letters to our Family (September 2017)

Dear Black & Pink, I just got a hold of your December 2016 issue and I loved it. I was unaware that there was something like this newsletter for us in prison. I’ve been to three different prisons in ten years and I just got this. To have a place where we can reach out …

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Welcome Message from New National Director, Tray Johns!

Dear Members, Aloha and Greetings to you all, I would like to formally introduce myself. I am Tray Johns (pronouns, she, her, him, he, they, or just tray), the new National Director for Black & Pink. First off, let me express how humble I am to accept this enormous responsibility and immediately give you the …

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Farewell Message from Jason

Dear Friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. As you turn the pages of this magazine, I hope you feel the love and dedication that so many people put into making this happen. I hope you feel the care that volunteers and other prisoners are offering to you. I hope you …

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Letters to Our Family (July/Aug. 2017)

Greetings – Just FYI Black & Pink is making a difference in the lives of oppressed people who happen to be incarcerated in the state of Illinois. The Chicago chapter is one to be truly proud of. They were instrumental in me being transferred here to Dixon C.C., which has a mental health unit. They …

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Message from Jason (July/Aug. 2017)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. I have been receiving letters from some people that the heat is unbearable, especially in some of the southern states. I’m hearing from some folks that the air conditioning isn’t on and there are no windows to open. We have sent a few …

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Letters to Our Family (June 2016)

To everyone in the LGBTQ Community, I would like to reach out and 1) say thank you for all of your time that you have put into the Black & Pink newspaper. It is all encouraging to see that there are people out there who understand and know exactly what I am going through. It’s …

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Message from Jason (June 2017)

Dear friends, I hope this note finds you as well as possible. I just finished eating a very tasty brownie. It made me think, briefly, about this amazing microwave cake that friends of mine made when I was locked up at Devens years ago. While the food offered by the prisons could not be more …

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