January Updates

E-mail blackandpinkchicago@gmail.com for more details about any of the following and to get connected. We’re welcoming new outside penpals!

  • Several beautiful replies–poems, cards, artwork–to our holiday card mailing! Also some criticism that we’re taking time to reflect upon and respond to.
  • We’re prioritizing penpal matching, with a new in-person process to be rolled out at a city-wide meet-up at the end of February. A curriculum for new penpals will be formalized, which will be used about once a month at Mail Processing meetings to match new penpals as well!
  • We’re sending out a re-entry resource guide of LGBTQ-friendly (as vetted by our calling them) organizations that could help our inside members soon to be released. We also had a housewarming party full of delicious food for one of our members released this past August, yay!
  • Our solitary confinement survey responses have all been responded to, and we’re working on making an executive summary of the results to share with other groups.
  • Political Education is next reading Hidden Expressions, a ‘zine made by the Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois.
  • With all we’re doing, broad questions still remain, of course. Especially reminding ourselves this month of the importance of self-reflectiveness, having realistic boundaries in making commitments, and making time for discussions about personal dynamics tied to structures.
  • Our next Community Dinner is February 8 (location TBD). If you want to share food and hang out, visit our Facebook or drop us a line to find out final details.
  • A heartfelt goodbye for a few months to Debbie, one of the founding organizers from this chapter who’ has co-coordinated Mail Processing. Have a great time full of learning and relationship-building in the Bay Area!

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