November Updates

October was a big month for us, and lots is coming up!
E-mail blackandpinkchicago@gmail.com for more details about any of the following and to get connected…
  • We had a free-world chapter retreat on October 18-19th, that was attended by 14 people, including one of our members recently released from prison, several new volunteers, a few super committed pen-pals, and our organizing crew.  Huge thanks to UIC’s Campus Advocacy Network for hosting us. We reflected on our history; talked about how identity, power, privilege, and oppression impact our organizing; ate lunch cooked by one of our recently released members who couldn’t attend because of house arrest; dreamed about how we can boost our support for members getting out of prison; said goodbye to one of our organizers who’s stepping back; and schemed about some plans for the upcoming year.
  • Every Monday we eat dinner together and read the mail coming to our PO Box from inside members.  This past month some highlights included getting internet in the church basement we use, thanks to a generous donation from one of our volunteers.  And we had an advocacy win for one of our inside members who had reached out to B&P Chi for support.
  • Our study group got together to continue reading Exile and Pride by Eli Clare.  Next month they’ll finish that book and begin Disability Incarcerated edited by Liat Ben-Moshe et al.  Let us know if you’re interested in joining the study group – new folks are welcome!
  • We have two Neighborhood Penpal Meet-ups coming up this month.  This is a time to meet other penpals, share what is going on with our inside pen-pals, get feedback/support from each other in how to support/respond to this coming up, and write a note to our pen-pals.  The first is Sunday, November 16th at 2pm at Meztisoy Food and Grocery (1757 W 18th St) in the Pilsen neighborhood.  The second is going to be in the Rogers Park neighborhood on Wednesday, November 19th at 6:30 pm (Location TBD).
As always, we can use more pen-pals.  We have around 40 incarcerated members of black and pink waiting to be matched.  If you know anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area and would be interested in being a pen-pal, please have them e-mail blackandpinkchicago@gmail.com with “penpal” in the subject line and we’ll get them connected asap.

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