Black & Pink Denver news – April 2015

Black & Pink
April 12, 2015
Present: Ben, Brando, Neal, Amanda, Davy, Hana, Breeana

Switched meeting format from informal letter-writing gathering to shorter and more organized meeting over a potluck meal. Set standing meetings – every 2nd Sunday, 4:30-6:30 pm at 2532 Ogden St.

Pen-pal updates/local opportunities
-Continuing to support Nate Mancha 
-Bobert next court date April 30 – we are supporting Bobert with postcards, courtroom solidarity (pack the courtroom), GoFundMe to support various folks with legal fees
-Hana and Breeana working in transformative justice workgroup, studying Creative Interventions toolkit to build alternatives to incarceration that address harm in LGBTQ community
-Elephant Circle looking for facilitators
Read the monthly newsletter online or sign up for a print copy as a free-world QTpie (which helps keep it free for incarcerated folks). Under “Subscribe to Our Print Newspaper!” on main B&P page in bottom right corner. 
Coloradans for Justice Activist Calendar

National/Network Updates:
-Let Hana (denver@blackandpink.org) know if you want to be on the national mailing list or the monthly call. View last national call notes (April) here.
-Know queer prison abolitionists in Seattle? New B&P chapter is trying to start up there – send their contact info and I will pass along to Seattle contacts.

Decade of Black & Pink 
October 16-18, 2015 in Boston MA
-Reflecting on past 10 years and visioning for the future
-B&P National will send two reps from each chapter (pay for expenses)
-$150 stipend provided per formerly incarcerated person who attends
Remote volunteer opportunities available for those who want to support but cannot/don’t want to attend
-Childcare, community housing, food provided
-FB event here

National Black & Pink Survey
Comprehensive survey sent out to newsletter subscribers
-Huge amount of data received back, currently being entered & analyzed
-Large majority of folks have experienced solitary confinement, and most want us to focus our efforts on ending solitary
-June (aka “pride month”) will be a time several chapters will be organizing around solitary confinement – what might we do as a chapter to organize around this issue?
–Host letter writing events for people in solitary
–Coordinate actions/banner drops/tabling/interviews/hunger strike solidarity
–Commissary fundraiser for folks in solitary (house show/bake sale during pride)
–Publish and distribute zine with stories from folks on the inside

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