September Updates from Denver

A crew of folks in Denver are working on kicking off the newest organized body of this family of incarcerated and free world queers! We’ve reserved space (and pastries and coffee!) for an upcoming letter writing gathering and are gearing up to support a guy in Colorado Springs, who caught a case for defending himself against hate violence.

Coffee & Letters
We are throwing a letter writing gathering in Denver at Coffee at the Point on Sunday, September 28th from 12:30 ’til 4.  We will be inviting folks to find out more about the differences a pen pal can make in the life of a queer behind bars as well as encouraging people to write either their long-standing or new pen pals.  Cute stamps and stationary will be available (not to mention complimentary coffee and pastries!).  Please bring your friends and your love to focus into letters for people in prison.

Nate Mancha defended himself against homophobic hate violence that is believed to be triggered by a rainbow sticker on the back of his car. Three months later, it is Nate, not his attacker, awaiting trial for 2nd degree attempted murder. This case fits a disturbing trend of people of color and LGBTQ people facing prosecution for defending their lives and as queer Coloradoans, we will not stand for it.  Nate and his support team are asking that people sign a petition demanding Dan May, District Attorney, 4th Judcial District, drop all charges against Nate.  If friends and supporters would also like to send Nate a letter directly, they may do so via his support site justice4nate.com. His trial is expected to start September 24th and we’ll have updates as soon as it does.

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  1. Glenn Barrows

    I just got a call from my penpal Brian at FCI Englewood. He received the letters written to him by the Denver B&P penpal crew today. He’s like a kid on Christmas morning! Your letters have made his day. I’m so grateful to all three of you for the outreach. Let me know when the next meetup is, I’d love to join in.


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