2017 Holiday Card Parties



As you can imagine, the holiday season is often a really rough time for folks inside prison. Whatever holidays you may or may not celebrate this time of year, our incarcerated members are often denied the ability to celebrate their traditions in the ways they choose, whether their desire be to celebrate the returning of light for Solstice, the miracle of Hanukkah, the birth story of Jesus, the tradition of Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, or something else. All too often our members do not have family and friends to reach out to them with cards or visits, making this time particularly isolating. The cards you will make bring moments of joy, connection and kindness to our members while telling prison staff that people on the outside are watching.

Please note! All parties must be registered by November 1st 2017 and occur on or after November 18th 2017. This enables us to prepare the addresses of our incarcerated members and mail our hosts materials ūüôā

Last year, our community rallied together, hosting over 300 holiday card parties across the US, Canada, Japan, and Sweden and we were able to send a card to each of our incarcerated Black & Pink members. This year, we have nearly 14,000 prisoners to write to!

Check out this beautiful letter that went out in the December 2014 newsletter highlighting the huge success of that year’s card parties and exploring important liberation stories in several of these winter traditions, and how they connect to our goal of prison abolition.

Our holiday card-writing parities provide a great space to introduce our friends and family to the idea of prison abolition and by incorporating our 2015 report, COMING OUT OF CONCRETE CLOSETS into these events, hosts have the opportunity to help Black & Pink elevate the voices, stories, and leadership of incarcerated LGBTQ folks and inspire immediate collective action towards abolition.

Lastly, but most importantly, the holiday card party you are organizing is about planting a seed of hope. There is strength in hope, and when we fight together, we can win. We do all of our work knowing that once there were no prisons, and that day will come again. We hope you will join us and register to host a holiday card party today!