New Orleans folks assist with “Ending Violence, Ending Criminalization” Event

Members of the New Orleans chapter were excited to support a mini-conference on August 9th called “Ending Violence, Ending Criminalization.” This event was  the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs’ annual Regional Training Academy!  Co-sponsors and local hosts of the event were BreakOUT!, along with support from Women with a Vision, Inc. and the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans.  The focus was on talking through strategies to end violence in our communities in New Orleans, the South, and beyond! Topics covered were policing, immigration reform, interpersonal and domestic violence, HIV criminalization, violence against sex workers, violence against trans women of color, and more!

Several Black & Pink New Orleans folks were on the scene to gather postcards and sign up new penpals for incarcerated Louisana folks seeking penpals.  About a dozen people teamed up to seek out food and drink donations (though not many businesses were eager to share), cook donated produce, set up DIY air conditioners, design a flier, and help with shopping for conference needs. Thanks to Community Kitchen for sharing hummus, bread, kombucha, iced coffee, and produce! Thanks to Tallulah’s for hooking up some tasty rice & beans!

blackandpink nola breakout ending violence food


We were so excited to be able to support the work of the amazing coalition of organizations, even if only in a small way. We hope to continue to channel resources towards these youth and POC led organizations challenging systemic oppression.



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