2019 Updates From NYC

Hello! The NYC chapter is active! The current iteration of our chapter is about to have its one-year anniversary on February 4. Woohoo!

You can get in touch with us via nyc@blackandpink.org
Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at @blackandpinknyc

Here’s info on what we’re up to:


Penpal Matching

Our Penpal Orientation & Matching gives an overview of Black & Pink’s work, our prison abolitionist mission, and guidelines to being a penpal. You’ll get an opportunity to be matched to one of our NY inside members. We’ll have inside member bios and first letters available for you to read so that you can easily sign up for a pen pal friend.

    • Contact: Isaiah isaiah.dupree123@gmail.com
    • Typically every 2nd Monday of the month, 6:30-8:30 PM
    • Sylvia Rivera Law Project
      147 W 24th St, 5th floor
      New York, NY 10011
      Elevator access, no ID required


Mail Processing

Twice a month, we gather to read and respond to letters from our inside family members. This is a core part of the work we do. If possible, we ask attendees to please bring a laptop or other internet-connected device that can be typed into. Cellphone is not ideal. If you don’t have a computer or are fed up with staring at a screen, you can still come and handwrite letters or draw pictures to send to our inside members. We strive to respond to every piece of mail we receive.

Local NYS Mail Processing

      • Contact: Alex alexschmidt87@gmail.com; Lena lenasradnick@gmail.com 
      • Every 1st Wednesday, 6-9 PM
      • Sunview Luncheonette
        221 Nassau Ave
        Brooklyn, NY 11222
        One step to access, no ID required
        Free food provided (suggested donation $5)

National Mail Processing


Chapter Organizers

Core outside organizers of our chapter meet about once a month to plan and make decisions, usually over a video-conference call and sometimes in person. Email nyc@blackandpink.org to find out when and where!



  • Inside Member Support Working Group
    • We plan and run programs to give direct and advocacy support to our incarcerated members while they are still inside.
    • Contact: Tanya tanya@blackandpink.org
    • Prison Visitation Program: We organize outside volunteers and penpals to come meet our inside members in person
    • Solidarity Packages Program: We organize filling and sending custom boxes of food, toiletries, and other requested items
    • Ideas for the future: Grievance Advocacy Program, Legal Referral Program, Writing/Book Club
  • Coming Home Support Working Group
    • We communicate with our incarcerated members starting from six months before their release dates to give community referrals, limited material support, and ongoing social connection to ease transition to the outside world (re-entry).
    • Contact: Veevee veevee@blackandpink.org
    • Re-entry Questionnaire: We collect information from inside members who are getting out in 6 months to have a clear idea of what they need upon release
    • Re-entry Resources Guide: (in-development) We will send inside members who are getting out an in-development list of organizations and resources who we vet for being LGBTGNCQ+-friendly for support in housing, health services, jobs, etc.
    • Welcome Home Program: (in-development) We will meet people coming home and give them material support (re-entry kits) and community connections, in partnership with The Suitcase Project by Witness To Mass Incarceration



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