Chicopee Women's Jail to Open in Massachusetts

Tragically the campaign to stop the development of the Chicopee Women’s Jail in Chicopee, Massachusetts was unsuccessful.  Many, many people have worked over many years to stop this jail from opening.  September 13th is the scheduled day of the dedication, read the story here.  

 This jail will house primarily low income, poor, not violent, women of color.  The prison system within this country is a devastating stain on our ability to do justice.  Please visit the Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition website to learn more about the history of the campaign to stop the jail. 

To those queer folks who are yet to understand how this applies to us, please understand that many of the individuals who will be detained (many of whom will be subject to torture, sexual violence, regular assault, etc.) will be same gender loving women, lesbian, queer women, gender non-conforming folks.  This is because the system of oppression that perpetuates the prison system targets us.  Please remember this! 

This is our last couple of weeks to stop it from opening.  What kind of action is left to be taken?

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