4 Steps to Pen-Pal Friendship  :)

Step 1) Please scroll through the lists below and choose a pen-pal(s)!
These are lists of queer and trans folks in prison who are in search of others to write them. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know someone and provide support to some one in great need of friendship and attention!  You can read quick bios, search and filter based on gender/sex, sexuality, race, age, type of pen-pal friendships sought etc.

Lists of prisoners seeking pen-pals (Jot down their B&P Member Number):

Note: You will receive your pen-pal(s)’ mailing address when you fill out the form in Step 2. We’ve heard of people using the list for the purpose of harming our incarcerated membership, and therefore the addresses have been removed from the public lists. If you need lists of prisoners to write to with groups, please email us.  We will likely set up a quick phone call with you as well.

Note: There is no mention of what they were convicted of; this is a deliberate choice on the part of Black & Pink leadership. The prison industrial complex is set up to imprison all sorts of people regardless of what they possibly could have done on the outside.

Step 2) Fill out the quick form below, and you will receive the mailing address via email!

Our penpal team will receive your request, and forward on the addresses to you quickly!

Step 3) Review our Pen-Pal Guidelines

The folks at Prisoner Correspondence Project have plenty of resources and FAQs as well, such as their set of guidelines.

Step 4) Write your Pen-Pal!

Feel free to hand write or type letters and send them in the mail.  As we mention in the guidelines, strive to write your pen-pal(s) at least twice per month.

Alternatives to snail-mail:

  • JPAY: Prisoners in many states including TX, OH and PA can be emailed for the cost of a stamp. The mail room then prints out the email (probably reads it) and within 2 days and gives it to your penpal.
  • JMail: Will email your letter to any prisoner, and email a scan of their handwritten letter back to you for $1 per letter!
  • Corrlinks: Federal prisoners can pay to access the world’s worst email system.  It will alert you when you have a message in your inbox.  Your pen-pal would have to submit a request through the system to add you, so you would need to write them first.