A gay prisoner perspective on “same-sex marriage”

I was inspired to write this blog as a follow up … if you will… from B&P’s April issue where Kiba, WA speaks about his true love to “Kionu” and “asked for his hand in mariage.”

Now I must be inclined to reveal that I have been fervently and adamantly advocating for same-sex marriages of inmates to be married. For several paramount reason: 1) it’s currently being done in Canada since 2010; 2) it is the State of Massachusetts’ right to same-sex marriage; and 3) it is an inevitability that marriages will have to take place if homosexuality is remaining a breeding ground to foster loving relationship, especially in or at a facility where the population is 2/3% gay or bi-curious or gay while in prison.

I have just been cleared by the District Court of Guam -where I caught my case- to have the proof that I have never been legally married placed in my PSR. In point of fact, someone in the Office of the general Counsel has imputed knowledge that my ambitions are prudent and justly forthcoming because the federal government may no longer discriminate against same-sex couples; however, the caveat is, government may and will place insurmountable restrictions on ones same-sex marriage (i.e. separation of units, transfer of prisoner, denial of marriage because it will cause tension in the facility by those who may oppose).
But here’s the question that must be brought to the table: When will the BOP, or governments, cease with boilerplate expressions and sound bites and political rhetoric to deny someone or anyone his inalienable right to equal protection and procedural due process guarantees? It is currently an abomination of gross usurpation to restrict same-sex marriage because of unreliable and unsubstantiated fears that would ordinarily exist without marriage being the apex issue surrounding the shuffling of denials.

I propose that any inmate who wishes to get married to a lover or whomever they desire to share their lives with while incarcerated, if they are residing in a state where same-sex marriage is legal -which it will be in all states by the end of 2016- should do so with zeal. If nothing comes from this at least you let the government know that this is currently a social ill that shall be tabled and brought to fruition eventually. Meanwhile, I’m championing a class action civil action that moves the courts to compel government to abide by state law (10th Amendment). Crusade with me and be a trailblazer of justice and equality for those to follow.

submitted by Warren Lee
You can write to Warren (Warren Antonio Lee # 01160-093; FMC Devens; PO Box 879; Ayer, MA  01432)

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