“Support Groups Matter” from Warren Lee

Isn’t it funny and ironic that the BOP accumulates all sorts of funding from various contracts it receives for SOTP, dialysis, diabetis, transplants, mental health, etc., but it won’t give or provide support groups for these much needed programs. It is a known fact (here at FMC Devens) that the mantra that’s preached is “the sicker you are creates job security for us”. It is proven here that medical and mental health staff attempts to keep us sick instead of providing the best health care possible.
We are ensured as a right when we arrive here that “You have the right to expect that you will be treated in a respectful, impartial, and fair manner by all staff. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Staff is suppose to be accessible, consistent and fair toward treatment, responsive to our needs in a reasonable time, bring about a safe, secure, and sanitary environment, and clear and accurate information about the decision affecting us.
The bottom line is that there aren’t any programs for the above mentioned nor are there programs for inmates who have gender identity disorder or those who have a life sentence (i.e. 30yrs. or more). How does the BOP expect rehabilitation or reform of we inmates if it doesn’t even currently exercise pre-existing programs such as compassionate release or provide more halfway house incentive. The system is definitely designed to keep us sickly, and incarcerated for longer periods of time than was initially imposed by the court system.
The BOP, specifically FMC Devens, must be reviewed for arbitrary and capricious behavior for not providing essential methods of rehabilitation for those of us who necessarily deserve and warrant it for mere survival, after being imprisoned for more than 20 plus years.

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