Providence Chapter Holiday Card-Making Party


Sunday, December 13, 2015, drop-in from 2pm-6pm at PrYSM (669 Elmwood Ave, Providence)

Join the Black and Pink family in creating holiday cards for our queer and trans siblings who are locked up in Rhode Island and around the country. We’ll have music, lots of snacks to eat, and cards to color and create! The event is free to attend and donations are appreciated. All formerly incarcerated people, families of incarcerated people, friends, and allies are warmly welcome. Facebook event is here, invite your friends!

From around 4-4:30pm, Black and Pink Providence team members will share out about our Campaign to End Solitary Confiment in RI! We will answer questions about RI prisons and provide you with concrete ways to support our work and join our Black and Pink family. ♥

Below is an additional message from our national Holiday Card Party organizers:

Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. For over a decade we have fought to make visible the horrific violence of the prison industrial complex and ultimately build a world without prisons. While public awareness has been growing about the harmful impacts of policing and criminalization on our communities – people are still largely unaware of the horrific violence and isolation faced by LGBT people behind bars.

As you can imagine, the holiday season can be a really rough time for folks inside prison. Whatever holidays you may or may not celebrate this time of year, our incarcerated members are often denied the ability to celebrate their traditions in the ways they choose, whether their desire be to celebrate the returning of light for Solstice, the miracle of Hanukkah, the birth story of Jesus, the Black radical tradition of Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, or something else. All too often our members do not have family and friends to reach out to them with cards or visits, making this time particularly isolating. The cards you will make bring moments of joy, connection and kindness to our members while telling prison staff that people on the outside are watching. 

Last year, our community rallied together, hosting over 150 holiday card parties across the US, Canada, and even Sweden and we were able to send a card to each of our 7k + incarcerated Black & Pink members. Check out this beautiful letter (http://bit.ly/1P1th76) that went out in the December 2014 newsletter highlighting the huge success of last year’s card parties and exploring important liberation stories in several of these winter traditions, and how they connect to our goal of prison abolition.

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