Black and Pink PVD: who we are and what we do!

About Black and Pink Providence

Black and Pink PVD is the Rhode Island volunteer-run chapter of Black and Pink. Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ and prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated people. We are outraged by the specific violence of the prison industrial complex against LGBTQ people, and respond through advocacy, education, direct service, and organizing. More on our purpose and analysis here: http://www.blackandpink.org/purpose-analysis/

Stay up to date by checking our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/blackandpinkpvd/)  and signing up for our mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/bKkzqv . You can also send an email to providence@blackandpink.org or write to us at Black and Pink PVD, PO Box 29444, Providence, RI, 02909. Please remember we are entirely volunteer-run and while we do our best to respond to everything, we may not get back to all email and mail immediately.

Our chapter was created in summer 2015. The below description of our group was last updated in April 2017 and is subject to change. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!

Inside members

Our local incarcerated members (inside members) in RI all identify within the LGBTQ umbrella and/or as HIV+. We communicate with and take leadership from them in what we do and how we do it, especially when it comes to advocacy and direct action. If you know someone incarcerated in Rhode Island who would like to become a member, have them send a letter with their info to us at Black and Pink Providence, PO Box 29444, Providence, RI 02909. Members receive a monthly newsletter and occasional chapter updates and communications.

Mail processing

We are able to contribute to Black and Pink national efforts and hear from members across the country by volunteering to processing mail we pick up from Black and Pink headquarters in Boston. This consists of reading mail and entering information into an online database that we provide training for. Entering this information into the database allows people who are incarcerated to get involved with Black and Pink by receiving a newsletter and/or penpal. We usually do this on the first Sunday of each month at Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), 669 Elmwood Ave 2nd floor, from 6-8pm, while eating snacks!

Monthly organizing meetings

“Free world” members meet monthly to organize all that we do! We encourage people who want to get involved to come to a mail processing or penpal matching event before attending your first organizing meeting (then please be in touch to make sure we don’t forget to loop you in to come to the next organizing meeting!). Typically we meet on the third Thursday evening of each month in members’ homes in Providence.

Penpal Matching

We hold penpal 101 info sessions around RI for anyone interested in starting a penpal relationship with a currently incarcerated LGBTQ or HIV+ person through Black and Pink. Please be in touch at providence@blackandpink.org if you are interested in us holding a session for your community group.  You can also read more and sign up for a penpal online today at  http://www.blackandpink.org/pen-pals/

End Solitary RI campaign

We are campaigning to end the use of solitary confinement (“disciplinary confinement” or “segregation”) in the Rhode Island detention centers and the prison/jail (ACI). To learn more, check out this article by one of our members: http://solitarywatch.com/2016/07/15/solitary-confinement-in-rhode-island-faces-challenges-from-legislators-activists/

Holiday Events

One of our biggest & best events each year is our holiday card-writing party in early December, where we eat food, write, draw, and color postcards for Black and Pink inside members around the country. We also raise money and send a holiday food package to each of our inside members in RI.

Educational workshops

In addition to Penpal 101 trainings, we occasionally we host other events and educational workshops related to the Prison Industrial Complex, including Nalaxone (Overdose Prevention) Trainings.

Local friends and partners

We support all local prison abolitionists! Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE)’s Behind the Walls Committee, PrYSM’s Community Defense Project, The AMOR Network, Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee PVD, Students Against the Prison Industrial Complex, and Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP, organized locally by COYOTE RI) all do directly related work in our area.

Black and Pink PVD | PO Box 29444, Providence, RI 02909 | Providence@blackandpink.org

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