Think you might be an abolitionist? You’re not alone! You are part of a movement that stands on the shoulders of revolutionaries throughout history; people who have given their blood, sweat, and tears in the struggle for a day where we do not rely on the violence of the prison industrial complex to solve our problems.  Learn some more here


Click the above link to learn about the workshops we would be happy to present to your organization, class, house of worship, community group, etc.  Pricing for workshops is based on number of participants and ability to pay.  Workshops must be at least 90 minutes long.  Speaking engagements, panels, class presentations can be made available for shorter periods of time.


Click above to find a compilation of religious resources to send to your pen pal.  Too often prisons force feed prisoners queer negative theology, but there is beautiful and fulfilling LGBTQ theologies across traditions.  Find some here and share your own with us.


The Prisoner Correspondence Project created the incredible FAQs above.  We have found this resource incredibly useful for people trying to answer questions about how to address concerns coming up with pen pal friendships.


Click above to download the PDF of the National Prisoner Resource List, compiled yearly by the Prison Book Program in Quincy, Massachusetts.

HOTLINE – (617) 942-0217

There are times when you will have immediate questions that you need answers to and we want to be available.  This number is also available to prisoners who have access to money to make phone calls.  As we get more funding we will be able to accept collect calls, we look forward to being able to do that.  Unfortunately we do not have ability to provide legal advise.