Ashley Was My Best Friend

It is a sad time at FCI Petersburg in Virginia. On February 24, 2015 a very dear transgender sister took her life. She let the prison system win. Ashley was my best friend on this yard and it saddens me to know that the system took another one. Ashley fought for several years to get the transgenders on this yard hormones and makeup. She was a fighter and fought the BOP at every angle, she could. She was also in court to get her name change and several other issues. She was at the winning point. Because of her, almost all the transgenders are on hormones and make-up is just around the corner. She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten. She will always be in my heart. It makes me mad because of how the officers and staff here done her. It seemed that some went out of their way to disrespect her by calling her “Sir” or telling her to wash off her home-made make-up or taking her “girly” things like earrings, panties, and bras. It makes me wonder, how many more will the system take! Ashley begged these people for help but none of the staff helped. Now they want to offer their offices and their ears to the rest of us. Where was these people at for Ashley. She was the one that needed their ears. How can they help the rest of us when they couldn’t help her? I need my friend back. The one that walked the track with me while my man was at work, the one that stood outside the bathroom door while I used the restroom, the one that helped me catch the seagulls and name them, and the one that helped me get medical attention. I want Ashley back. Not a day goes by I’m not thinking of her. Everywhere I turn there is a reminder of her. Brothers and sisters, please be strong. Don’t fall weak and let the system win. We should beat the system. We should come out on top. The prison officials don’t care about us. We have to care for each other and not turn our backs on each other. We are all we have. Be strong, stand up for our rights. Stand up for all the Ashley’s in the system that gave up the fight. Please pray for all of Ashley’s family and true friends. Let’s keep fighting the “Ashley’s fight!”

Thank you
Petersburg, VA

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