Billy from Texas on the September 9th Prisoner Strike

So family something is going to happen across this great nation. (yeah right), on September 9th of 2016.

There is a call for a nation-wide work stoppage for many reasons but to bring to light what’s going on. Slave Labor People, when TDC is part of the stock market due to our labor and skills we get nothing.
So if you will remember back in 1971, New York Attica Prison Rebellion was the day it begun, even though it only lasted 5 days on the 13th. State troupers fired and both guards and inmates were killed.
Keep it peaceful but lay it down. Just quit please, I beg you all. It’s not just our backs they’re making money off of. It’s our family also. Those who have to send money for us to survive in here, remember survive not spend every night while others around you don’t have soap or deodorant or basics. So while you’re pointing your finger at the dude in the shower with no shoes on, its because he or she is working his ass off for your and the system for free.

I hate to admit it but I know in my soul that shitty ass Texas will keep on doing what they do. But Billy ain’t.
You heard me say it before, I’m tired and I just can’t believe this chance will pass those by without even a thought.
Living like this is not normal and I just can’t resign myself to thinking any different.

It’s people like… Assata Shakur. She once said,

“People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to actually be aware of being a slave.”

With that ya’ll I leave you with just this poem. It seems anger is alive right now. From what happened in Orlando to what’s going on here. Jason is so right in his anger, but I guarantee it will inspire him and keep moving him forward not let it cripple him. I also feel if Jason and the many others trying to abolish prison successfully we have to work from the inside and not just sit on our collective asses and wait for it just to happen. What is your battle?

Wake Up People – by Billy 2016

Don’t allow them to tell you to it down and shut up.
You want real change, “Wake up” Start costing
Your system time and monies. Either on more man
Hours or our courts. They will notice.
Wake up
Let new ideas take over – tell them to keep
This in mind. “We will be always watching. No
Longer are we blind. We see their ploys we
Are not their toys – Wake up

The press and government tells us, Mr. Snowden
Should be tried for war crimes, or treason. Really?
The government or PIC tells us we’re not safe.
Snowden proved to us we were being watched.
George Orwell told of this in his book 1984
Now there is a camera on every corner or a prison
In ever county.
Wake up
“We must do this they say, it’s the only way
to keep us safe. Sleep people.
If you ask me we out number them now, look at
The chaos in the street its here people, Wake up.

Our schools are falling down, let’s build more prisons
Our government can’t pay its bills. Let’s build more prisons
Our government helps the banks still our money – but
God forbid, build more prisons.
Wait, did you hear our children are homeless and hungry?
They know our kids will steal for their food.
Look the little ignorants up-build more prisons
You are only being told what they cannot hide.
You will be just fine, go back to sleep
Wake up
There are such new passions and ideas,
I read them every day. Your allowing, mindless
Thinks to stop you like who’s hetero or gay
Our women are allowed to succeed when they
Roll over just to yawn. But in reality, their still
Oppressed and raped by dawn!
Wake up

If this poem has pissed you off, good, what
Are you going to do about it just there and
Wake up!

I do wish to say I personally, wish to thank those who do write and try to better society inside and out.

Awake and struggling from the inside.


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