Black and Pink Member, Jeremy Pinson, Ends Hunger Strike

This is an update from Jeremy Pinson, a member of Black and Pink, and a prisoner currently held at the federal supermax prison in Florence, CO. Jeremy has been on hunger strike protesting the conditions of solitary confinement. This is not his first hunger strike nor his first fight against the Bureau of Prisons. You can read more from Jeremy on his Blog.

Here is the statement he sent today about the hunger strike:

The federalĀ  government in a sudden reversal has gone from denying “there are any mentally ill” inmates at the Federal Supermax to issuing select inmates a memorandum essentially admitting the BOP and DOJ lied to national media outlets. This memo which is attached for download was given to one prisoner, Jeremy Pinson, who ended a multi-week hunger strike after losing nearly 30 pounds and experiencing reversible damage to his organs. Pinson, a longtime critic of ADX Florence, believes the memo is finally an admission the BOP has done wrong for many years often to those who were least able to hold accountable lawless prison officials. Pinson, who could barely stand, when ending his strike vowed to continue his activism believing that solitary confinement is the torture of all men, not just the mentally ill.

Show your support and write to Jeremy!

-Jeremy Pinson #16267-064

ADX U.S. Penitentiary

P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

Download and read the memorandum HERE

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