Eastern Kentucky Corr. Complex Denies Newsletter that "Promotes Homosexuality"

no homosexual material

The above image is a “Notice of Unauthorized Mail” that Black and Pink received from the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex. It states that our newsletter was denied, considered contraband, because it is a “Book/Magazine [that] promotes Homosexuality”

This is absolutely outrageous! Please take a moment to express your outrage about this by calling the institution at (606) 743-2800! If they wish to keep out all things that “promote Homosexuality” then they should start releasing all queer prisoners IMMEDIATELY!


  1. Summerspeaker

    They won’t be able to argue with that logic and will surely accept the demand.

  2. Dykonoclast

    From Eddyville, Kentucky I got a hold of a list of verboten items, and that which ‘promoted homosexuality – unisantiary [sic]’ was on the list. I sent it on to some Kentuckian groups, lawyers, queer advocacy organizations. I only got one bite from one lawyer, they had me send the hard copy, but I never heard from them again.

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