Hardcore Correspondence

Dear Family

Today is Halloween and sitting down here thinking about the Inside members and none members, I can remember all the days I wished I was outside celebrating my only favorite holiday of the year. When you go to prison young, all you think about is the trick or treating, the Halloween parties that come with being a teen. Yeah I trick or treated until I was 18, it was mainly to accompany my younger siblings but Sh**t, I also like candy. After dropping them back home I would go to a Halloween party were only a few of the people in there had costumes, the rest… well we came to party, I’m sure y’all know what that means. But equally sad are the parents who are missing that chance, some might not even ever get the chance to take their kids trick or treating, some even after coming home will have to be home under penalty of prison if they leave their homes or put up Halloween decorations. They sit there waiting for a team of officers to cell check their homes just like the shakedowns in prison. Even if they have kids they are not allowed to partake in this American tradition.

I say all that to say that knowing this, it motivates me to help people out here get pen-pals or at least attend and/or host a card party. This month I went to a Birthday Card party for NYC inside members who’s B-Day is in October at our comrades in the struggle the A.V.P. ( Anti Violence Project ). We had a good turn out and were able to send B-day cards to our inside members. I also attended a pen-pal orientation at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, where one of our organizer, Alex, has a great exhibit. Not many people showed, there’s never enough, but the good thing is that 5 of them went home pen-pals!!!

On top of that, our organizers hold a constant mail sorting every month in two locations and  pen-pal orientation once a month. So If anybody is ever within the battle field of NYC, come and support. Every first Wednesday of the month at the Sunview Luncheon, 221 Nassau in Greenpoint from 7-9pm. Every third Sunday of the month at the Bluestokings Bookstore, 172 Allen on LES from 3-5pm. Every second Monday of the month from 6:30-8pm at the Church of the Village. We’re preparing for the upcoming Holiday card parties, hopefully many other organizations decide to join us and individuals with positive hearts.

Our NYC organizers have also been working hard to help answer back the national mail at their mail sorting, which end up being somewhat of an event, can’t really say how much mail, but it was a lot. Like… a lot. I believe we can actually say we’re somewhat caught up. Family, remember that sometimes a letter from a stranger may actually save the life of somebody captivated by the P.I.C. Sometimes it brings hope for a better future, sometimes it’s the letter they needed to deal with their loneliness. Thank You all who are trying to make a difference, specially those who know that this is not the whole of our struggle, the ultimate will always be prison abolition.

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