HBGC/B&P Summit Summary (April 27)

(some of the attendees)

On April 27, 2013 the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition in partnership with Black and Pink hosted a gathering of 34 formerly incarcerated, court-involved, convicted, and/or policed LGBTQ people in Boston. The purpose of the Summit was to build community, challenge stigma, and build a strategy for addressing the harm the prison industrial complex has on our communities. According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, in 2008 police were ranked 3rd in perpetrators of violence against LGBT people. LGBTQ people experience disproportionate harm at every level of the criminal (in)justice system: policing, surveillance, court system, sentencing, death penalty, and incarceration. The school-to-prison pipeline is structured to push LGBTQ young people out of school and into the underground economy leading to higher rates of detention. Most recent statistics show that one in five HIV positive people will experience incarceration at some point in their lives.

Throughout the day there was HIV/HCV testing with incentives given out, eight individuals were tested during the gathering. Self care and healing were part of the day as well, there was a massage therapist available for nearly all attendees for the fist half of the day. Healthy food and snacks were provided and an on site social worker was available as needed.

Read the full notes from the day HERE

Participants in The Summit came up with a list of demands to policy makers. These demands can be organized around by organizations and supported by the Governor, legislators, city officials, and others shaping policy across the commonwealth. These demands are broken into target areas: Prisons/Jails, Criminalization, Court System, Policing, and Drivers of Incarceration

Prison and Jail

– Immediate moratorium on all prison/jail expansion or building

– Presumptive Parole

– Allow physical contact between prisoners and visitors

– Increase recreation time in prison

– Improve quality of food in prison

– Respect for gender identity and expression of prisoners

– Allow full voting rights for prisoners and all people convicted of felonies

– LGBTQ inclusive health care in jails/prisons

– Windows that can open in jails/prisons

– Support groups for LGBTQ folks inside


– End the War on Drugs

– End all incarceration for drug possession

– End “quality of life” laws

– Decriminalize public sex

– Decriminalize sex work

– Eliminate CORI

– Decriminalize drugs

Court System

– Hold judges accountable for treatment of defendants

– Create strict consequences for wrongful convictions

– Smaller case loads for public defenders

– Increase opportunities for restorative justice practices


– End racial profiling

– End profiling of transgender women

– End Secure Communities ICE initiative

– End all policing in communities of color and poor communities

– End police brutality

– Consequences for sexual, verbal, physical harassment by police

– Eliminate zero tolerance policies in schools that lead to imprisonment

– Remove all police from schools

Drivers of incarceration and responses

– Respect our stories

– Fund programs created by formerly incarcerated/court-involved/policed LGBTQ people that will serve the needs of our communities

– Create accessible and safe housing for all who want it

– Affordable and accessible health care for all people

– Compassion

– Full funding for HIV programs

– Create safer space for public gathering

– Trust

– To be acknowledged

– Freedom from judgement

– Better schools

– Reproductive rights

– More community resources: such as parks, basket ball, outdoor things

– After School programs

– Increase of minimum wage

– Higher taxes for the wealthy

– Increased public transit in poor communities/communities of color

– No drug testing tied to welfare

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