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Black and Pink National Office Manager Job Description


The role of the Black and Pink National Office Manager is to ensure an orderly and efficient office to enable the extensive work of the organization. This individual maintains healthy office systems, at both office locations (The City School, 614 Columbia Rd. Dorchester and Encuentro 5, 9a Hamilton Pl. Downtown Boston) that facilitate timely communication between prisoner members, “free world” volunteers, working groups, the leadership circle, and the National Director. The individual helps to create a culture of prioritizing needs of those directly affected by the prison industrial complex.


This is a half time position, 20 hours per week (which hours and days are flexible based on the needs of the individual, though Sundays from 3-6pm are required). This is a salaried position, $20,000 year, paid on the 15th and last day of the month. There are 4 weeks of paid vacation yearly, and comp time is accrued if working over 20 hours in a week (though working over 20 hours in a week is strongly discouraged). The individual is welcome to be a volunteer with Black and Pink, though the volunteer aspects are separate from staff time (this tension can be discussed in supervision with the National Director). Black and Pink does not provide staff with health insurance at this time, though will pay any monthly/yearly premiums for healthcare obtained through Mass Health (the state funded healthcare in Massachusetts). Black and Pink will also pay a $60/monthly Massage Envy membership or up to $60 for a gym membership, or some other self care practice.


The ideal candidate for the job will have computer skills including an ability to learn our data system, utilize gmail, navigate Microsoft word, and other assorted computer tasks. The candidate should also be familiar with social media as some of our leaders primarily communicate via facebook. The candidate should also be able to communicate effectively with currently and formerly incarcerated people with compassion. While the candidate does not have to align with all of Black and Pink’s politics, the candidate must be able to help the organization live out our purpose of serving LGBTQ and/or HIV positive prisoners while working to abolish the US prison system.


  • Sort prisoner mail
  • Respond to requests for addresses of prisoners for community group events
  • Coordinate meeting times and reminders of meetings for national working groups, national leadership circle, national transition team
  • Update Black and Pink events/workshops/presentations on Facebook, google calendar, and website
  • Communicate with Newspaper Editor about ensuring timeliness of the newspaper schedule
  • Send immediate thank you notes to new donors
  • Update “free world” database in zoho with newspaper subscribers and donors
  • Help ensure clean organization of the office space
  • Mail reports and other requested materials to organizations and individuals seeking more information about Black and Pink
  • Ensure mail and newspaper submissions are available for volunteer drop-ins that happen across Boston
  • Respond to emails that go to members@blackandpink.org and office@blackandpink.org
  • Communicate with the National Director about other necessary tasks

To Apply:

Please send resume and a letter explaining your interest in and qualifications for the job to jason@blackandpink.org by September 23rd. This job is only available to formerly incarcerated people (those who have done at least one month in a jail or prison). Hiring preference is given to people who are part of communities directly targeted by the prison industrial complex.

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