June Updates from Southwest Ohio

Black and Pink Southwest Ohio is in the throes of good work!

We have recently partnered with the Antioch College Prison Justice Independent Group which organized a week-long series of workshops and presentations on Prison Justice and Disabilities which culminated in a three hour “Teach-In”. BPSWO also partnered with danni west of Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) to facilitate a workshop titled “Queering Prison Abolition.”

We have decided to work on two monthly meetings, one where we sort mail and write to our personal pen-pals and one where we have an event encouraging new pen-pals or support around how to be a pen pal! And, soon we’ll be plotting out political education goals for the year. We have a stampraiser underway and have raised at least 150 stamps and/or embossed envelopes, plus some cash, through personal asks.

We’re also looking for a new name for our chapter, to help navigate around some of the shade we’ve heard about from inside—some people have been placed on restriction for being affiliated with BandP. We’ve asked some of our inside members for ideas and those are just starting to come back. We’re also still compiling surveys from our initial outreach on the inside.

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