Letters from Our Family (December 2018)

I want all Black and Pink Readers to know that you do not have to hide who you are or what you like; if you are in prison you don’t have to hide it from anyone either because in the end you are the one who has to deal with it everyday not anyone else so remember- fuck what others think, do you regardless if you love a man, be faithful to him or her whichever they are. Don’t be afraid to show the real you. Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.

With all my love, Jordan (MD)


I’ve been receiving this great publication for more than a year now. You’ve managed to touch every emotion I have. I’ve been in TX prisons for 24 — going on 25 — years. Texas is by far the most oppressive state in the union. If you aren’t a conservative Republican — then by God, you are the enemy and the enemy is to be enslaved. That is exactly what the Texas Prison System is, legalized slavery. If you believe it’s justice or rehabilitation — then you are a fool — or one of them.

We are fed so bad on this particular “farm” that one of the COs actually went and complained to the Major. We work in industries where we manufacture goods that are sold at profit to outside agencies and other countries. We actually make the majority of the non-food items that are sold in our commissary. Our pay is fictional work and good time that in theory should be applied toward early release. But it’s discretionary. Therefore it’s worth nothing more than wasted ink on our time sheet.

If we fail to show up to our job that we’re not paid for, we receive disciplinary. Where we could lose our much coveted work time or good time or lose our privilege to go to commissary and purchase the items we failed to go help manufacture as our punishment. We would be excused from work for being sick if we go to medical and pay a hundred dollar co-pay. I am award of the state, I labor for free, eat gravy as a main course at least three meals a week, and yet I am charged for medical. a medical bill paid by our families because we have no source of income. And the icing on the cake is that we are charged a sales tax on certain items we purchase. That is taxation without representation. Think American Revolution.

I never had to endure a lot of what most of you would have faced. I was a 6’6’ white man from the trailer park covered in tattoos and I should have won the Academy Award. I faked it to make it. I stood my ground and never betrayed the real me. Ultimately, I am paying the price for it now. I should have been true to myself and fought the good fight. I was so scared of disapproval — well, my fears would take 10 pages to list. Now, I am ready to become who I was mean to be.

anon (TX)


Well, I’ve been in the custody of my legal kidnappers for (8) years strong for a petty crime I didn’t commit. My situation was not about the charge. The District Attorney told me at court that he had strong feelings that I didn’t do it. But, he couldn’t let me go home, because I was a threat. I knew too much and I opened too many peoples eyes as to what was going on. I helped over (20) people get out of the parish jail and I had info on how to obtain my own paperwork, which contained the info of my accusers. In Louisiana, if you know how to do stuff like that, they roast you – no mercy — too smart. I watched guys take 30 to 80 years on no evidence. Court appointed lawyers manipulating dudes with detectives present to give forced confessions out of fear. Now they are never going home. Most of the LGBTQ prisoners are already full of fear once they come to jail anyway. So the police, judges and attorneys use that fear to their advantage. In the south they hate the LGBTQ having any rights or say so anyway. In the Louisiana prison system, it’s not cool to be smart of a thinker. But that’s what I am. I know that I don’t need anything from this broken system to go home and function. But they want you to feel that way.

I want the world to know how they rock in Louisiana and how they kidnapped me legally and took me to all of these plantations where all of these slaves let them violate their rights daily without rising up. I want everybody to know about Gregory O. Harrell vs. the State of Louisiana. I put up my best fight and lost, but in the end I’m gonna win! I am a firm believer in the fact, that one day we will change all of this. To all of my Girls locked up going through it, stay strong!

Hope this motivated somebody,
Sincerely I am,
Lois Lane


Dear Black $ pink Friends

It’s Lee again Just checking in to see how everyone is. I’ve been super busy in My Recovery groups and Vocational class. I wake up at 6 Am and My Day Starts. Monday – Friday from 8am – 2pm, I’m at my vocational class. Electrical. I study for Tests, both hands on and written. Then Tuesdays & Fridays From 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm, I have my youth offender programs. (Y.P. class) On Friday Nights , I’m in Al-Anon that’s my other Recovery class. My Lunch Starts at 11 or 12. Dinner or chow starts at 6 pm. Night yard & Dayroom is from 7 – 9pm. My weekends, I have to either walk for 2 Hours around the yard or prison gym and I’m in there for a solid hour doing a work out, or volley ball. After that I Like to come in, shower and stay in the cell to relax since My Week Day was so busy. I make sure to check My Tablet For Any Emails that might be there. It’s a Jpay Tablet. Friends & Family can Email me willingly and I get them directly. Jpay.com/Media. Sign up and have my info on hand as well as yours.

Other than this, I’m happy, safe, and healthy. Working hard to be better than before. Let the old me go. One step at a time.

Well Black and pink, hope to hear From you soon in the near Future.

Take care.
Your Friend,
Lee (CA)

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