Letters from Our Family (Oct. 2018)

Dear Black and Pink,

Hi fam 🙂 my name is Jenna I’m a 22 year old male to female transgender, currently finishing up my last 16 months on a 4 piece here in TCDJ. I’m sitting in solitary today as I write this letter waiting to be shipped to my new unit. I am being moved because I was drugged and sexually assaulted by a rather prominent high “ranking” gang member on this unit, so yeah safety issues and all that. Since being here in Seg the last week I’ve had lots of time to sit and think, lots of random stuff going on in my brain it’s like all the news channels at once, on acid, after being up for 48 hours. So yea, stressed out random thoughts, but one thing that keep coming to mind over and over again, is all my brothers and sisters out there who are going through the same thing but are afraid to speak up about it. At first I was afraid to tell anyone what happened. I told one of my sisters on the dorm and she urged me to go to the officers with it, so I did. After I was scared that I’d done wrong by telling on the guy and yeah I felt like I was a snitch because of it but this week I had to be escorted to medical for blood test to make sure I didn’t get anything from “him”. Well, i passed two of my sister one told me “You did the right thing by speaking up I’d have done the same thing.” and the other told me she was “proud of me for being brave enough to admit that something happened and get help.” So now I’m not gonna lie I’m glad I brought it to light and to all my family out there don’t be afraid to tell someone they have to help you if there is a real problem, don’t be afraid to ask for help. SPEAK UP! Because it might just save your life. I love you all and I hope you all will stand in solidarity when things like this happen to our family around us.

Yours in Solidarity,
Jenna (TX)

PS I learned today that I contracted Hep C from this incident. I’m sad yea but I’m so very happy I didn’t end up with something much worse.


Dear Black & Pink

I pray and hope you receive this small note and card everyone be blessed with the greatness of God. I received the wonderful cards from Shelley and Sunshine which I was very happy because I have been alone for a very long time, since my mom past away 2014. My girlfriend left me because the sentence was too much 19 years. However I am in the process of proving my innocence in a 440 motion. I am happy that theirs wonderful people out there that actually cares for people like myself and honestly I am innocent but the system is cruel and any matter, I have been sad for a long time and being alone for the holidays is not a good thing. I often pray to find someone good in my life but it has really been impossible but I guess is ok and I thank Black & Pink for not forgetting me.

The New York State Prison is very cruel on all genders and is something that I want to fight because N.Y.S. is killing us slowly, the medical, the officers abusive manner towards inmates is so incredible that is out of control. Green Haven is one of the worst officers here do what they want against inmates. In the last year over six inmates of this prison have died because medical does not provide any help.

Anyway thank you and my love and respect to all at Black & Pink.

God Bless,
Frankie (NY)


Dear Black and Pink,

Thank you for all you do for us LGBTQ family. Your hard work is appreciated, you make things so much better for the LGBTQ community, with your open arms, extended hands and unconditional love and support. When I think about Black and Pink and Hearts on a Wire etc. it’s an empowerment to see and hear people come together to help, support, care and love each other equally. In 1956 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against the same racism we face today history repeat itself, but as long as we have unity we will thrive and prosper. Let me tell you all as a man who embrace his sexuality, it’s not easy for me or men like me, why because the world is so judgemental and homophobic. I have to fight a war just because I’m being myself and not what ever one else think I should be. Some might think it’s exaggerated but it’s not it’s my reality I face every day. The only things that helps me keep my sanity is the faith I have in God and the loving LGBTQ community that I so dearly love. I encourage you all to shift your focus away from the problem to the ones who can give you good advice, answers, solutions, or next steps to take. Family find your happiness and what makes you happy, your life is just as precious
as anyone else. And know that if you have faith in yourself, you don’t have to live up to or down to anyone else’s expectations, faith in yourself allows you to truly own who you are. LGBTQ we all are BEAUTIFUL.

Well until next time I’ll be praying for you beautiful people.

Sincerely yours,
King B.R. 2 Star (PA)



Hey friends!!! I just thought I’d write to express a few things! As I write I currently have 32 days left to discharge this 15 year sentence. :-)) My name is Jesikah F.! A Transwoman. And tho I’ve not been “out” all my life, or all my time, I’ve had my share of issues during my incarceration and I choose to write now cause it breaks my heart to see these young transgirls having to deal with these hateful situations thru out this system.

My issue goes out to “Isabella” fromWalla Walla! Everything you wrote makes complete sense. It’s nice to see a girl down for the cause. & all it takes you having to get saucy just to get a point across, you gotta do what your heart desires. Everything we (LGBTQIA) have, we’ve had to fight for. This ain’t came free & its a continuous fight, so Baby, you better file them nails & get ready for the war. Our fight is not always physical, & you are on the right track. Put that pen to work & file that paperwork. If they hate you for it, oh well, cause you know what, you’re making a difference for yourself & for all the girls that come after you. It’s gonna storm before it shines! As you say, “wounded I may be, weak I am not” you’re only weak if you have no defense. & you have a heart. That’s all the defense you need. So let these boys think what they want, if they don’t “fuck around” then whats they concern.
If a person doesn’t like what they see, then they need to find they own business cause us girls got our own, feel me?

So this is to the whole B&P family. As long as we stand tall & as one, our situations is as a barrier to slow us down & not a dead end stopping us. With 32 days left to go home, I plan on going out & helping contribute to girls in need as I know our needs in these prisons. So all who need the sincerest support, I am here & willing to help coming October & to start I’ll needing assistance. Feel free to write & express your needs & to my best abilities, in my power I will advocate for you . But a close mouth can not be fed.

To all my sisters, keep yalls heads up. Every plant begins with a seed, just tend to it & watch it grow. True beauty is within & always remember theres beauty in the struggle.

In sisterhood,
Jesikah F. (TX)

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