Letters to our Family (August 2014)


Whether you are sitting up or laying down in your cell-block, dorm, or at your home, remember you’re a beautiful person inside & out. Never second guess your beauty because it comes from within. The world sees the outside and judges the LGBT family members from outward, but they have not traveled the roads or highways in life we’ve been on. As a bi-sexual male, I know there’s a love there for us all, and in time we will obtain our chance to explore the greatest in life, just hold on and don’t lay down, stand for somethang or fall for anythang.

I’m now incarcerated at the moment in Florida. But I’ll be released at the end of this year, and for all those who are blessed to be coming home, fighting to get out, and in forever, I know a place in my heart goes out to you. I’ve met some beautiful LGBT people in my lifetime, and at a young age, I know I’m bound to meet more… 😀 Smile. I’m very concerned about the needs of the LGBT-community, and whatever I can do to shed light on the darkness, it’s a blessing to do so.

Just know whatever path you choose to take, make sure there’s love to guide you down the path.

Call life.. Stay Beautiful, Beautiful.

-Willie, Florida


Dear family,

This is the first time I’ve written even though I’ve been receiving Black & Pink for almost two years, I’m guessing.

The Texas penitentiary is probably the most corrupt prison system in the United States as far as mass warehousing of human beings for profit. There is more and more human beings coming in the system with life, natural life, and sentences so high as to leave us without hope of ever touching down in the free world, sentencing that can hardly be justified compared to the crime. We have too many so called “tough on crime” politicians that have expensive lifestyles to maintain at our expense.

There is absolutely no unity here in the Texas Prison System. We have absolutely nothing in common except the hate we harbor for each other. We are so busy hating each other that we forget who our true enemy is, and that is the system! The Criminal Justice Psychology is just a fancy word for divide and conquer. It truly breaks my heart to see how easily we fall in line with their Program.

I dream of the day we come together and demand a change, the day we stand together and see that the next man’s suffering is also my suffering and vice versa. Until then we will be the puppets of our master, The Texas Prison system.

With much love and respect to all,

Shine, Texas


Dear Black & Pink Family,

I am stopping my subscription because I am getting out after 36 years. And I am not sure where I will end up at. I understand it is hard out there now. And for us very hard.

But I want to thank you so much for all the love I got from the Newspaper and Black & Pink family. I am hoping to do my part when I get out. I really want to help all of my family. God be with all of you.

Love your sister,
Crystal, New Jersey
Released June 2014

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