Message from Dominique (December 2018)

Hello Family!

Well darlings – another year down! My goodness it feels like it was just January and we were in a very bleak space. Fast forward and I feel so alive with appreciation and excitement for what is in store for Black and Pink.

This is a special issue! We heard your feedback about submissions being published and we have worked hard over the last 6 months to get up to date with processed letters! We can say that we are very close to achieving that goal.

I think about being inside during the holidays – waiting for Holiday Boxes from the canteen (when I had the money), commiserating with my sisters cooking burritos (one day I’ll share my fab recipe) and finding what traditions would be come my new normal. I want to say to you all that no matter where you are – it’s okay to find joy. You may be creating a new normal but it’s yours and that’s special. We on the inside love each other in ways others can’t understand.

I send the gift of peace. Peace of your heart and mind.

I send the gift of contentment. Being at the pinnacle of happiness isn’t always feasible. Continuous contentment is a blessing I promise.

I send the gift of renewal. Tomorrow is a new day. No matter how bad today is or was – you have tomorrow boo. I held on to that and still do.

Holiday card parties are happening so look out for those! As long as we have each other as Black and Pink family we’ll never be alone in this thing. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Oh PS – I’m adding a vision board template. Dreaming is good for the spirit. Trust me.

Dominique Morgan
National Director
Black and Pink, Inc
Omaha, Nebraska

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