Message from Dominique (Feb. 2019 Newspaper)

Hello Family!

As we begin this new year I want to say thank you for all of the letters you send, emails and calls. Your kind wishes and powerful thoughts have been a cornerstone to my success as I celebrate my 1 year anniversary as National Director.

Last year we were building a foundation and this year we have the space to do more as an organization, challenge ourselves as organizers and look to the future of Black and Pink. I can’t do that work alone – I’m eternally thankful to the Black and Pink Board of Directors (Zahara, Tanya and Reed) and our incredible Chapters across the country. Here in Omaha, Nebraska at the National Office we have expanded our team with a new National Communications Manager – Kimberley O’Donnell! She’ll be working on new processes to update our mail program, executing the new pen pal database and taking the role as Lead Editor of the newsletter along with 50 million other things because that’s what we all do lol.

I’ll let Kim further introduce herself in the following pages. Again I love you all. Through this work I’ve been able to see myself clearly and I love who that is. To say I’m excited for 2019 would be an understatement!

Before I go – I had the honor of working with the team from The Tenth Magazine and we are partnering to amplify the voices of Incarcerated Black Queer Identified folks. If your work is used I will personally write you back and navigate your honorarium delivery. If not used for the magazine, we will feature you in a future Black and Pink issue!

The Tenth Magazine, an independent publication that features the ideas and aesthetics of the Black LGBTQ community, is calling for submissions from writers on the inside. In our Sixth Issue: Pen Pals, we focus on bringing the storytelling of the Black queer perspective to the conversation around the crisis of mass incarceration in America, and that story to the community at large. We encourage guest writers to explore ideas or lived experiences through written essays from 2-4K words – an honorarium of $200.00 will be provided. Please add ATTENTION: The Tenth Submission.

Sending you love and light and great skin darlings!!!


Dominique Morgan
National Director
Black and Pink, Inc.
Omaha, NE

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