The Bureau of Prisons Psychologically Coercing Extortion

(This is a blog post by Warren Lee, Black and Pink member, and he can be reached at Warren Antonio Lee # 01160-093; FMC Devens; PO Box 879; Ayer, MA 01432)

In the beginning, way back when the feds was known as “Camp Fed”, the Commissary was considered to be used for selling zoos & wham-whams (candy).  Since the late 80s when the BOP realized that building of prisons was a lucrative investment the Commissary has flexed its muscles and spread its wings to include in the Commissary food items to further increase its profits. These were the original ideals of what the Commissary was designed for.
Which leads to personal property.  There are so many blurred lines with this issue because, whenever an inmate purchases property from the Commissary he will potentially lose the majority of it when he gets sequestered in SHU (Segregated Housing Unit).  The customary practice among correctional property officials is that “if any of your property is opened, or has been used, when it’s packed out, it will get thrown away.”  This will undoubtedly cause every inmate to get on the phone and contact his loved ones to send in more money so that he may re-purchase the exact items once again because it was thrown away.  This is an extra tax for Joe-taxpayer.  Similarly, if an inmate is transferred to another institution, he may not be able to transfer will everything that was sold to him at the prison he was located at…even though the next prison may most likely sell that very same item(s).  It’s inconceivable why this is the case albeit the BOP (FMC Devens, specifically) intones that the items are now considered to be contraband.  Absurd!
Finally, the Commissary holds our Inmate Trust Fund Accounts.  This account allows the BOP to use our funds to collect interest from its repository; it is used to purchase inmate equipment (i.e. tvs, computers, washers, dryers etc.); and it also allows the BOP to donate money to the Salvation Army to make Christmas bags for us during the holidays.  However, inmates do not have a Commissary Committee to input its desire to have specific things.  FMC Devens will purchase only items it sees beneficial to them (Staff).  And once again we are made pay -through a fine- for items already appropriated for if or when items are subsequently broken by an inmate.  Therefore, more money from Joe taxpayer to be sent to his loved ones.
The BOP has surreptitiously duped and psychologically coerced we inmates into believing that we need the Commissary to survive.  And it has dupliciously remained silent to Joe taxpayer that we are already provided necessities, and that whenever money is sent in to an inmate it is only for luxury expenditures (e.g. email, telephone, commissary, etc.)  The BOP must be stopped in the grand scheme of things of arbitrary and capricious behavior in his unofficial customs: extortion.

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