Update from Southwest Ohio Chapter

We are just coming off of a wonderful experience signing/writing letters and sending surveys (and love) to B&P Members in Southwest Ohio!

We contacted over 45 people and are looking forward to hearing back from them! We unfortunately did not have any participation outside of our
current team, but we enjoyed creating space and time and energy around something that we all deeply care about. We also got a P.O. Box and are
formalizing our Ohio Inside Membership Roster so that we can find out who we have/haven’t heard back from, who has or is looking for PenPals, and
if they responded to our outreach efforts.

Our finance committee is meeting soon (before our next meeting) to delineate and describe how we plan to fund our chapter and how we hope to make
it sustainable.

Other tasks that we’ve taken on:
– We met and talked about how we hope to address conflict in our group.
– We talked about what our capacity is in the group and how we hope to contribute
– We decided that it’s best to contribute only as much as we can/feel comfortable regarding time, energy, money and more!

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