Updates from some B&P Chapters


Boise Chapter:

Black and Pink: Boise has been holding space weekly for letter writing, reflection, discussion, and support pertaining to living among the prison industrial complex. On Saturday December 7th, we held a holiday card writing party and wrote holiday cards to 96 incarcerated members of the Black and Pink family. Next Saturday we’ll be holding another gathering to continue spreading the holiday cheer by writing another 100 cards and continuing to build a community of resistance here in Boise.


San Diego Chapter:

Check out the San Diego Chapter’s Facebook page.


San Francisco Bay Area Chapter:

From Flying Over Walls:


We hope the short days and cold nights are finding you rested, safe and warm.

We wanted to send out an email to update all of our penpals and supporters about a few changes going on with our group and to also let you know about a few upcoming events…


Since leaving HAVOQ, we have spent a lot of time seeking guidance, reflecting and trying to develop a plan to move forward with integrity. We have continued to maintain the PO Box, support current penpalsand have responded to requests to welcome in a few new penpals. Though not done organizationally, out of respect to the fact that our relationship to TGIJP was initially started as a project of HAVOQ, many of us have continued to support TGIJPby attending their weekly Tuesday night mail nights, which offer legal and other resources to the incarcerated queer & trans community. We have also had the first meeting of our 6 month queer/abolition study group and are excited to see what curriculum we develop and what these discussions may spark.

The newest development is that Charlie and I recently met with Reed from Black & Pink to discuss what it would look like for us to become a chapter of B&P. In the last year, B&P has supported the development of chapters in Chicago and San Diego and they are excited to welcome us on board. They understand our history, my and Charlie’s health limitations, and our need to move forward slowly and intentionally. They seem pretty willing to work with us and support in what ways they can. To us, this feels like a great fit, though a big commitment, and we know we will need to put concerted energy into recruiting a few new core organizers over the next year if it is going to be a sustainable project. Luckily, our new friend, Dorsey, just moved back to the bay from Boston, where they organized with B&P. We’re excited and lucky to be collaborating. More of this as it develops, and let us know if you are interested in playing an active role! 


In the meantime, the holidays are upon us! Whatever that may mean individually for each of us in the free world, it can be an incredibly challenging and isolating time for incarcerated members of our community. So, we will be sending some love by participating in Black & Pink’s Multi-City Holiday Card Party!!

You can send a holiday card to your penpal or to one of the 100 folks we committed to sending a card to in a few prisons/institutions around the Bay Area!

Join us in San Francisco on Sunday, December 15 at the Homo for the Holidays event at El Rio. It’ll be a fun event and we’ll have a table set-up. We could use a few volunteers to help run this, if you are available!

We’ll also host a more informal event in Oakland on Wednesday, December 18. It’ll be in the evening, 7-9pm. We still have to figure out a location for this one. It will likely be in a home in North Oakland unless anyone knows of/has access to a cool venue (with food, drinks &/or entertainment) that would host us…

AND.. in 2014, we’ll start having regular penpal/letterwriting nights again!! I’m thinking monthly or every other month at a home or (running theme here) at an amazing venue that has yet to be determined. More on this later.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Beja & Charlie

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