Updates from B&P Chapters

San Francisco Bay Area:

Flying Over Walls is launching our queer prison abolition study circle this month! For more information about bay area happenings please email flyingoverwalls@gmail.com

San Diego:

– Will research policy, legislation, legal advocate and former prisoners who identify as trans* individuals for a January 2014 screening of Cruel and Unusual.

– Will be  building our membership base by getting 14 pen-pal sign ups for prisoners in Donovan “Gender Identity Disorder” Detention Center and have found promising potential members.

– Hosting regular pen-pal writing potlucks during a local LGBTQIA activist study group. The first one will be on Captive Genders and the Prison Industrial Complex.

– Raise awareness around the article published in the Huffington Post about alleged abuse of Gay and Transgender Inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison and made a call out to write to Assembly Member Toni Atkins office asking for a update on this prison story.

– San Diego Chapter’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BLACKANDPINKSANDIEGO

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