San Diego Chapter: July Updates

July 4th– Banner and Sign Making Party- Black & Pink-San Diego will be making signs and getting our banner ready for San Diego PRIDE. We will join Guerrilla Pride San Diego. Guerrilla Pride is a radical alternative to mainstream Pride in that celebrates queerness in every form and is opposed to the corporatization and militarization of our community.

July 12th– Punk Spa Fundraiser- We will be throwing a Punk Spa themed party that will raise funds for much needed funds that will cover our post card parties & potlucks, postage and keeping our post office box. We will have spa products and services available along with a vegan meal. We will have musicians and spoken word artists perform throughout the night for entertainment.

July 19th– Black & Pink- San Diego will be present in this years parade to raise awareness about LGBTQ prison issues and police brutality. We will be in solidarity with a broader radical contingent that will be raising other issues that are often overlooked and overshadowed by the glamorization of consumerism and homonationalism. We will pass out flyers and have our banners and signs on display as we march.

July 29th- Black & Pink-San Diego will join United Against Police Terror San Diego (UAPTSD) to speak out and bring awareness to the criminalization of LGBTQ people as San Diego Police Chief ZImmerman meet with LGBTQ community members. This event will take place at the Cherokee Point Elementary School in City Heights. “Transgender and gender non-conforming people may have higher levels of interaction with police. They are more likely to interact with police because they are more likely to be victims of violent crime and be on the street due to homelessness and/or being unwelcome at home. Because their circumstances often force them to work in the underground economy, and many face harassment and arrest simply because they are out in public while being transgender. Some transgender women report that police profile them as sex workers and arrest them for solicitation without cause.” We plan to bring attention to this criminalization at this meeting and demand a stop to it.

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