San Francisco Bay Area/ Flying Over Walls June Update

May highlights:

We had a packed house for our first intro workshop on prison abolition and queer resistance!

We participated in the Global Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth.

We made a new relationship with a local LGBTQ seminary school group (hosting our monthly letterwriting night there and making plans to host again in the fall).

We supported TGIJP at their weekly legal support mail nights at their new location in SF.

We looked through our records since starting our letterwriting project, and have matched, or are currently supporting 42 penpal relationships, focusing on Northern California. Not all are still current, and we are looking at ways to support free world penpals in staying committed for longer periods of time. We have also sent in over 250 one-time cards over the course of four holiday seasons (winter holidays 2013, valentines 2012 & 2014 and pride 2012) and our letterwriting nights.


We’ll be submitting a statement opposing the proposed CDCr regulations on “obscene” language. We encourage all groups to send a statement individually and/or sign the petition. These regulations would absolutely limit any political, abolition or queer writing from crossing prison walls.

We are raising awareness and mobilizing folks against several prison-themed parties happening as part of this year’s PRIDE.

We’re helping promote the letterwriting night happening June 11 as part of Passage & Place.

We’ll be having the last meeting of the first round of our Queer Lens on Prison Abolition study group this month. We’ll then take a break for the summer and start a new round in the fall. Readings from this round can be found here.

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